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Lap dancing tips

Lap dancing tips
If you want to fool around and give your partner a dance on your knees, why not? But to keep everyone safe: wolves, sheep, you, and he, and chairs, we decided to sketch you a short instruction. You don’t have to peep into it when you’re dancing.
The dance on the knees should last about two compositions. For one you warm up, and during the second you are already coming off in full. But here orient yourself: these two songs may seem to you either exhaustingly long, or, on the contrary, too fast. So keep three for sure.
Do a warm-up. It’s corny, but the truth is, don’t dance when your body’s cold, even when you think you’re just a little s laughing. You still have to strain: for example, if you sit on horseback, unequed, that you can touch the floor only with the tips of your feet.
Plan your sheet in advance. And make sure that right after You Can Leave Your Hat On there is no perky “Red Mould.”
Don’t do anything you haven’t tried before. It’s still a lap dance, whose goal is to excite and excite, refrain from gymnastic culbits: no twine and bridges, okay?
Dim the lights and light candles. Create a lang caution, but be careful: do not blow, please, candles accidentally elbow, or the dance will be really hot.
Don’t wear heels if you decide to do it late at night. No, if you live in a private house, of course, put on whatever you want! But if you and your partner are in an ordinary apartment building, the least sexy thing that can happen is the neighbors who ring the doorbell and complain that you’re “knocking them on the head.”
Be careful with mesh stockings. It’s not easy. They look spectacular, but if your partner in jeans, you will constantly cling to them – all the mood to the tail.
Dress in layers. On the one hand, you will like to take off clothes layer by layer, on the other – so banal safer.
Try to think not only what you will be dressed in, but also what will be on your partner: it is important that his clothes did not have hard and sharp elements, because you can scratch or prick.
Instruct your partner what he should do: comfortably arrange it on the couch, in the chair or on the bed. It is better not to have a chair, because the chair is a much less stable design than the above.
Start from afar: turn on the music and slowly go to your partner. Don’t jump on his lap, stretch the fun, tease him.
When you’re approaching, make eye contact. Smile (don’t forget to smile!) – it always leads a partner.
Change the position (just not abruptly!): stand over it, sit down, bend, sit on your knees, so get between his legs … Be in constant motion.
Think less about dance and more about how to make contact with a partner, it is much more important than to demonstrate your flexibility, honestly.
Enjoy what you do. And you can wink sometimes. Sounds funny, but it really works.